Pressure for russian gas.

Compressor stations are an important element in a natural gas pipeline system. During transportation, gas loses pressure. In order to be able to guarantee smooth onward transportation, the pressure therefore needs to be increased repeatedly by relatively large compressors.

The compressor station for the OPAL gas pipeline was built in Baruth/Mark halfway between the landfall of the Nord Stream pipeline in Lubmin on the Baltic Sea coast and the end point at the German-Czech border near Olbernhau/Brandov (CZ). The compressor station, one of the biggest and most modern plants in Western Europe, has three gas turbines, with an output of approx. 96 megawatts in total. This enables the natural gas to be compressed to up to 100 bars.

Technical data

Number of compressors: 3
Verdichterleistung: approx. 99,1 MW
Max. working pressure: 100 bar
Capacity: 3,6 Mio. m³/h (standardized volume)
Propulsion type: Gas turbine